Sleep & Mood

Ύπνος & Διάθεση

Sleep and mood are closely connected; poor or inadequate sleep can cause irritability and stress, while healthy sleep can enhance well-being. Most people experience problems sleeping at some point in their life. It's thought that a third of people in the UK have episodes of insomnia. Many of life’s demands can cause stress, particularly work, relationships and money problems. Natures Aid have a number of products designed to help you with fatigue, exhaustion and mild anxiety.

Vitamin B12 contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
5-HTP with Avena Sativa, Magnesium and Vitamins B3, B5 & B6.
Passiflora Complex provides 250mg of Passiflora, Lemon Balm & Avena Sativa.
Combines 10 Billion Bacteria with Magnesium & B Vitamins, including B5 to help maintain mental performance.
Natural Organic finalist 2018
A blend of B Vitamins in one convenient tablet.