Eye Health

Όραση - Υγεία Ματιών

To be able to see an object, the light reflected from it needs to fall onto the seeing part of our eyes (retina), having been focused by the lens. The visual image is then created by more than 120 million nerve cells and relayed along the optic nerve to the brain. A number of nutrients are required by the eye to ensure that this complicated process works effectively. Natures Aid have a range of products that contribute to the maintenance of normal vision.

Rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9. Essential Fatty Acids.
High Strength Cod Liver Oil.
High in EPA & DHA
High in DHA and EPA for Brain & Vision Support
High levels of EPA & DHA for the normal function of the Heart, Brain & Vision
Product Awards 2016 - Best New Health Food 2016 - Best New Product
For the maintenance of normal vision
Heart, Brain & Vision
A naturally rich source of Anthocyanidins, in an organic spirulina base.