Joints & Muscles

Αρθρώσεις & Μυς

It is estimated that around 10 million people in the U.K. suffer from joint and muscle related problems. The main joint tissues are tendons, ligaments, cartilages and spinal discs and the main component of these is collagen the production of which is supported by a number of important nutrients.  Natures Aid has a range of carefully formulated products designed to help support your joints and muscles.

Super Strength Entero-Coated Enzyme.
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Each Natures Aid Hyaluronic Acid capsule contains 50mg of Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic acid is the major water-holding molecule of the body.
Glucosamine, MSM & Chondroitin (with Vitamin C).
Chondroitin sulphates are a structural component of cartilage.
A unique combination, providing both an extract with a high curcumin content PLUS a whole herb turmeric.
Glucosamine Hydrochloride is from vegetable origin and is shellfish free.
High Potency Entero-Coated Enzyme
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A natural botanical blend providing 500mg Ginger, Turmeric and 100mg of Bromelain.
Natures Aid Glucosamine 1500mg, MSM 500mg & Chondroitin 400mg helps with normal collagen formation and normal function of cartilage
Natures Aid Collagen Joint Formula combines a number of carefully selected nutrients ideal for those with an active lifestyle or for extra support later in life.